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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

H+: Thomas, you got into transhumanism at a very young age. What inspired you and why do you think you started thinking about such big issues? And did you have anybody in your physical proximity to talk to?

Thomas McCabe: I've always thought about big issues in general, going back to elementary school. The reason transhumanism and the Singularity caught my attention, back in 2003, was that they struck me as a way to have a very large impact on the world, starting from a relatively small resource base. Technology always works like that — the people and ideas that get in during the initial growth stages of the industry wind up dominating. Harvard is 400 years old, and it's still the #1 ranked university in America (disclaimer: I'm a Yalie). Ford is 100 years old and it's still the #1 American car company. Dell, Microsoft and Compaq still dominate the PC industry, and so forth.

I hated adolescence in general and middle/high school specifically. I do think a nontrivial portion (though certainly not all!) of the reason was that I had all of these interesting ideas about the future of humanity, and no one to talk to. The universe that we jam young people into nowadays is very small.

In my day-to-day life, of course, most people still aren't interested in transhumanism, but I don't really mind. If there are 6,000 students at Yale and 1% of them are interested — that's sixty people. But children don't really have that big pool to draw from. I think that's largely why so many geniuses disliked school and were mostly self-taught, most famously Einstein, and including our own Eliezer

Blooog, and flu recovery.

I've been not posting lately because of midterms. Calc is gonna kill me, and now I've come down with a flu.

I have a book recommendation for you all if you havent read it:
Neuromancer by William Gibson
Its a classic, and its fucking awesome. They say it invented Cyberpunk and its got hot chicks with body mods, matrix, cyberspace, hackers, oh and the main characters addicted to amphetamines. Loved this book, so much. If you haven't read it, read it.

I'm reading this

Which is odd because I'm pretty fucking pessimistic, but the title is intriguing so I picked it up anyway. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and the previous post was referencing my exams, which I ended up barely passing. Poo. And now there are more coming next month. School is a bitch.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not even sure

Everything has been building up to this.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aren't you concerned that drugs make your mind and body shitter and make you less likely to afford the likely expensive technologies of the future

Used in moderation at reasonable doses and a responsible method administration, no drugs cause permanent harm to the human body or mind. Except for addiction, which is directly related to route of administration. If you have a strong will, drugs will cause you know harm. I'll make some posts on it later including some more examples.

This doesn't mean I will make the choice to smoke crack. Crack is cocaine in an unreasonable form, at high doses, not pure, and by a risky form of administration with high addiction potential, that I dont think my willpower would be able to overcome.
This does mean that I would do an acetone wash on street cocaine and snort the pure product maybe once every two months no problem, without introducing addiction or tolerance, and have a great time doing it.

Each person will have to make a decision for each drug they do, and include their personality and likely-hood of getting addicting and the drugs addiction potential, what moderate doses are, and responsible routes of administration taking those things into account.

I take amphetamine once a week for College orally at a low dose and I experience no side effects whatsoever. Amphetamine is approved for long term use in high doses daily. Amphetamine is speed, also known as Adderall. There is another drug that is approved for long term use in high doses daily. It goes by the brand name Desoxyn. Desoxyn is generically referred to as 'metamfetamin' which is a respelling of its common chemical name Methamphetamine, which on the street goes by meth, crystal meth, ice and shard.

Yes, Crystal Meth is prescribed to children and adults daily for ADHD and narcolepsy. However, it is taken orally, not smoked, which is a much safer route of administration, and it is taken in reasonable doses around 15mg, which are safe and do not cause neurotoxicity, but can cause tolerance and dependence on the drug.

Drugs that I refuse to do include Alcohol and benzodiazepines. Most people would agree that heroin is "the worst drug ever". In a hospital settings there are opiates that are used that are active in the microgram range a microgram is .001 mg or .000001 grams. These opiates are extremely powerful, and totally safe, yet heroin is "the worst drug ever"? The reasons behind this lie in history and the pharmaceutical industry, but I won't go into that now. Heroin withdrawal makes the person feel sick. Your body tricks you into thinking you are in pain so you will seek a pain killer. Junkies will be sick for up to a week, aching and vomiting and sweating and unable to sleep. That is all that will happen. Meth withdrawal will make you feel utterly drained and tired and want to die like youll never be happy again. Alcohol and benzo withdrawal with strait up fucking kill you, the end.
Ironic how alcohol is the only thing openly legal in most of the world isnt it?

Now it is my choice not to do these drugs because of analyses and decisions I've made coupled with the fact that I prefer uppers. However, there are people who drink often and people who take xanax for anxiety and are perfectly fine and live great lives. Just like there are millions who do amphetamine daily and live great lives.

I prefer to do drugs less often because I dont want the tolerance dependence or the streak of depression that follows those things with most uppers. Like I said I do amphetamine weekly, I do MDMA about 4 times a year, I plan on doing psychedelics about ever other month. I didn't address psycedelics in this blog yet but I will quickly. Mushrooms LSD and Peyote and their derivatives are 100% non-harmful, physically. They can be mentally, if you are in a bad state of mind and not mentally prepared they can cause psychological problems however this is your fault and not the fault of the drug.

Basically, be informed, make a choice, or don't be informed(which is making a choice) but if you make the choice to be ignorant, don't act like your opinion on drugs is valid. Likewise if you make the choice to do drugs, do not be ignorant, or your going to make the rest of us look bad when you overdose or get addicted.

Someone might read this and say that its all bullshit and drugs are bad. I would go as far as to say that, without intentionally insulting those people, that they are weak and afraid. They are afraid of what the drugs could do to them, and they are afraid because they are weak minded. This means that it is likely that the drugs would overpower them. If you are one of these people and you know it, thats fine, you dont have to do drugs, but if you become informed about these things and still come to the same conclusion I respect that. I am by no means saying drugs are for everyone I am just saying that they can be used responsibly without negative consequences.

I consider myself a successful and responsible drug user. I use drugs in moderation at low doses using responsible routes of administration and I only have positive things to say about all of my experiences. My life has been bettered and expanded more than I think it ever could have been without drugs. And I dont mean that in a hippy bullshit way. The things I have learned have practical use at university and in my dealing with other people.

Regarding the question of transhumanism; projected timelines indicate that if you are under 30 years old you will live to be 150 years old with the direction medicine is heading. 5 years ago it was 120. If you make it to 80 they will probly be able to keep you alive to 300, at which point I believe we will be able to become machines. I'm not worried about it, I know transhumanists that smoke cigarettes and are not worried about it. In fact I'm excited to see what kind of designer drugs I can get in 100 years.

Also I only spend about $300 a year on drugs, for reference.

I'm going to go make breakfast now because I just woke up, and I feel like I'm rambling and this blog post is probably pretty badly organized.

tl;dr nope, not worried at all

edit: forgot links

Theres a lot of information out there you just have to look, and also sift through the bullshit. These sites are all pretty strait forward.