Monday, September 27, 2010


Its basically everything pure fucking awesome packed into one comic. Seriously. The main character, Spider Jerusalem is basically a futuristic version of Hunter S. Thompson and the backdrop is one of the best cyberpunk worlds I've ever seen. It basically goes around with Spider fucking hating the shit out of humanity and reporting, reluctantly, on how much he hates it, and theres all kinds of graphic sexual, drug, and ridiculous future related things going on. It has genetically engineered people, "transients" that are halfway between human and something else, cyborgs, werepeople, super cities, corrupt cops, hookers, people that download into a nanobot system body..... I dont really want to write that much because I want to get back to reading it but if you like Hunter S. and you like anything cyberpunk, or if you just like comics, check it out its god damn brilliant.


  1. I've never read that comic maybe I should find a few copies.

  2. Always a classic. A certain must-read.